We’re revolutionising workplace health, one woman at a time

Leading better access to care, from our personal
journey to helping millions of women

Fighting against the workplace gender-health gap

Recognising the gender bias in medicine and the lack of information about female health conditions,  our mission is to help women understand their hormones, not just for feeling great but also for getting better treatment and care.

Solutions created by leading female health experts

Our founders' personal journeys led them to create Womco, with the goal of bringing personal hormonal care into the digital age. The team is supported by leading experts in doctors, gynecology, and nutrition.

Redefining company health through cutting-edge technology

Womco’s mission is to help all working women wherever they are, by using technology to break down barriers and make sure no one is left out when struggling with personal health issues.

Our team

Annabel de Gheldere
Co-founder & CEO
Ilyas Jaan
Co-founder & CTO
Micol Hafez
Co-founder & CPO
Caroline Tamen
Product Lead
Kinga Papp
Marketing Lead
Maxence Liesenborgs
Head of Strategy
Georgia Gomez
Head of Partnerships
Nadeen Daka
Scientific Writer

Backed by medical experts

Dr. Ife Akano-Williams

Medical Doctor. NHS GP, Specialising in Gynaecology

Muriel Bouquier, PhD

Nutritio/Micro-nutrition Specialist, Founder of 2meClinic

Richa Puri

Fertility Nutritional Therapist, GP Clinical Pharmacist

Valentina Cartago

Menopause & Brain Health Specialist

Nimisha Gandhi

Prenatal Nutritionist, Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

Maia Lockhart

PCOS & Endometriosis 

Do you want to shape the future of Womco with us?

If you are:

  • A medical doctor
  • A dietitian / nutritionist
  • A female health specialist

Then we should collaborate!

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